HeyLollies 2018

Hey Lollies Club Dress Guidelines

1)  Dress can be a short traditional style square dance dress or a long prairie skirt style.

2)  Dress pattern/style is of each individual's preference.

3)  Dress is to be made using the following criteria:

a. Floral on black (Florentine 4 collection from Robert Kaufman) is the "primary fabric" and is available at Rhythm Creations.  For continuity, the primary fabric should be prominent in both the blouse/bodice and the skirt. 

b. Primary fabric can be tastefully combined with "blender" (c) and/or solid (d) fabrics. 

c.  Blender fabric from the Robert Kaufman Fusion 6644 collection (color with gold accent) may be used as an accent fabric in black, crimson (red), pacific (turquoise) and/or blue (royal blue).  Blender fabric is available through Rhythm Creations. 

d. A solid-colored fabric of your choice may be used as an accent fabric.  While you may select a solid-colored fabric to match any color in the primary fabric, recommended colors are black, red, turquoise and/or royal blue. Solids can be purchased at any fabric store around town or at Rhythm Creations.  For color matching, a sample of the primary fabric can be obtained from Rhythm Creations.

e. Trim must be in a color (or colors) matching any of the colors in the primary fabric.  It may be done in ribbons, ric-rac and/or fabric edging. 

f.  Fabrics and trims selected should be present in the bodice/blouse and the skirt of the dress.

4)  Use only the fabrics and accent colors listed above in the club dress (no substitutions/additions).

5)  The man's shirt should be in a color coordinating with one of the colors in the primary fabric.  Shirts may also be trimmed in any single fabric used in the dress.

6)  Ties should be made of the primary fabric and trimmed to coordinate with the dress.


NOTE: These guidelines must be followed in order for the dress to qualify as a club dress.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Hey Lollies -2013  Dress Committee