About Us

Hey Lollies has about 220 members. We dance weekly in Houston, Texas at Memorial Drive Christian Church. Basic and Mainstream lessons start in September and go through March. We follow our lessons with "Plus" lessons during the summer so that all dancers will have the skills to dance anywhere in the world. Our teacher is Bob Baier, an internationally renowned caller and teacher. Fun Night is our way of introducing you to the activity and the club. We offer lessons to anyone interested in taking them, but ask that you come with a partner so that we have even numbers of students. Our club membership is for married couples only, but we welcome all to dance with us each week.

Here is a video showing Bob calling for the club on a typical Thursday night. Bob calling in Houston at the Hey Lollies

How to Join and Dues

Hey Lollies is a plus-level married couple's club. If you are interested in joining, please email the club officers.
Hey Lollies charges $60/quarter for a couple. Visitors are always welcome! Check the Where 'N When for current visitor fees.

History of the club

The Hey Lollies Square Dance Club was organized under the auspices of the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church on April 8, 1965 following completion of a learner's class for 25 couples from the church. The learner's class was established by Jack and Betty Smith on January 7, 1965 with Nort Robinson, caller for the Texas Star Square Dance Club, as the instructor. The 25 graduating couples voted to organize a club to perpetuate the fun they were having, and to offer others (both church members and non-church-members) the same opportunity.

A number of names were proposed for the club. "Hey Lollie" was the dance tune being used to conclude each evening, so a variation of the tune name, "Hey Lollies, " won the vote to become the official club name. Club night was set for every Thursday at 7:30 at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church.

The next class started in the spring of 1965 and was taught by Rufus Honea. Other class teachers were Vernon "Red" Donaghe from 1967 to 1972, M.K. Knopp in 1972, Randy Collison in 1973, Otto Warterman from 1974 to 1981, and Bob Baier from 1982 through this current year.

Starting in September, new couples are invited to join the Hey Lollies' class and take lessons from the last of September through the end of March with our fabulous class instructor, Bob Baier. After graduation on the first Thursday in April, those couples who are married are welcome to join the club. All graduates are welcome to dance with the Hey Lollies as members or guests.

The "Hey Lollies" are committed to having fun square dancing and, more importantly, to developing close friendships. This latter goal is accomplished through various activities such as our annual cookout at a nearby state park, quarterly after-parties, and, of course, the "Hey Lollies" out-of-town weekend. The weekend at the end of April gives the new Hey Lollies members time to meet and get to know the current club members. During the weekend and the weeks leading up to it, through working on skits together, playing golf, playing games, sharing meals, and lots of dancing fun, the club bonds together in ties of friendship. These special times and the closeness of our members make Hey Lollies a wonderful and unique organization.