HeyLollies 2018

Videos from Randy Dougherty - March 5, 2020


Videos from Les Hughes - February 27, 2020


Slideshow from 1978 - 1992

Videos from Exhibition on Friday, February 7, 2020

After The Lovin' - Paul Cote, Caller
Tennessee River - Paul Cote, Caller

Videos from Square Dances at the Hey Lollies

We have guest callers from all over the world call for us throughout the year. The Hey Lollies is fortunate to be in the 4th largest city in the USA and to have a large attendance. These combine to allow us to offer world-renowned callers! Here is a small sample.
Venus - Bob Baier, Caller
All Night Long - Paul Cote, Caller
King of the Road - K.O. Jeanes, Caller
Unknown - Tom Roper, Caller
One More Town - Bob Baier, Caller
Mariah - Bob Baier, Caller
Free Ride - Paul Cote, Caller