Change of Caller! -KO Jeanes tonight!

Unfortunately, Bear is ill and could not call this week.  Thank you to KO Jeanes!

THE WEATHER IS FINE HERE… Come on out if you can!


Come meet the Bear from the Rocky Mountains! Bear Miller is a nationally known caller and this Thursday will be his first time calling for the Hey Lollies. We look forward to a fun dance on Thursday!

When a square breaks down, most of us know to make lines, but then we get confused. Which couple goes with which couple, and do we line up in the side or head position? Dr. Allemander* recommends:

  1. Couples return to their home position to square the set.
  2. Next, have the heads slide to the right and form a line with the sides at the side position.
  3. Jump back into dancing when the caller has gotten the rest of the floor to facing lines.

By making lines in the side position, each dancer can now see the caller and the caller has a better opportunity to see that the square has broken. Most callers will pick up on a broken square within just a few calls and get you dancing again.


*Dr. Allemander’s name was shamelessly stolen from “Behind The Mike” by Barry Wonson from “down under.”