Great Low Impact Exercise

It’s not uncommon to walk the equivalent of 2 miles during an evening’s dance!  Put that unused treadmill in your basement!

Terrific Mental Workout

Square dancing is all about dancing the right moves as the “caller” sings them out, and there are a lot of moves.  You’ll be calling upon your mental and muscle memories constantly during a dance!

No Better Entertainment Value Anywhere

Most new dancer classes are free the first two weeks.  After that, it’s a very modest charge per person — way less than the cost of a movie!

Friendships For A Lifetime

Square Dancing is “Friendship Set To Music.”  You’ll make friends that you’ll keep for a lifetime.  And no matter where on Earth you go, you’re going to find other dancers.  You’ll have instant new friends everywhere!

But I Hate Country Music!

Today’s callers use rock, pop, jazz, blues, and more in addition to country.    The music is as varied as the callers and dancers!

Fun For The Entire Family

Square Dancing is fun for all ages.  Anyone from 8 to 80 can enjoy themselves during smoke / alcohol free dances!

More Information


Square dance is a directed dance. The direction comes from a person referred to as the “caller.” The caller tells the dancer what moves to make based on a series of “calls.” Square dancing is found in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, the UK, Europe, and Russia. Since it is called in English, you will be able to dance almost anywhere in the world.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Eight months of FUN!

There are various levels of square dancing. By the end of this class, you will be able to dance to calls within the Basic, Mainstream, and Plus levels of Modern Square Dancing.

Class members are invited to participate in the Hey Lollies social activities such as our Christmas party, picnic, and June Jamboree.


A “you” that is ready to have fun and learn some dance moves. Dress is casual. Boots or smooth-soled shoes are great. We don’t recommend sandals.

$225 per person. (That’s about $7 per person per lesson.)

Lessons begin early to mid-September and are held every Thursday from 7-9pm (except for major holidays) for 32 weeks. The first two lessons are free so you can try it out. Many calls are built on previously learned calls, so try not to miss lessons. It is understandable if you occasionally need to miss a lesson, but please talk to the Class Coordinators before signing up for this lesson block if you know you will miss several weeks in a row.

Please use the form below to let us know you’re interested.  We’ll get back to you shortly!

Register for Lessons at Hey Lollies

For lessons, if you have a dance partner, please register as a couple.  Otherwise, register as a single and we’ll be happy to place you  on our waiting list.  As soon as we receive a registration from someone of the opposite sex, we’ll notify you and confirm your spot in the class!

We strongly encourage you to register with a dance partner.